Monroe Tractor

Chopper clinics, that’s a wrap.

We are springing into the warmer weather with three chopper clinics behind us. Over the month of March, the Adams Center, Auburn, and Batavia stores held chopper clinics so that when the season got going, customers and their choppers were ready for the job.

For those of you who couldn’t make it or didn’t know we even had these events, here is what you missed! Customers were engaged with expert led demonstrations on four different silage samples for four different machines with different setups. Attendees were able to see first hand the benefits of a kernel processor and its impact on kernel losses. In addition, figures were put  into the Claas value calculator to show a cost saving for the customers. Who wouldn’t want to learn how to save money?

Be sure to look for a chopper clinics next year and more events at your local Monroe Tractor Store.