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Watch along as the Adams Center store expands

March 9, 2017 Breaking ground as rock continues to be hammered out …there is a sub layer you can see in the photos that is much denser than we could see from initial test excavation.  This could not be done without the hammer.   May 16, 2017 After all the rain we have seen this […]

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Working hard for your success this planting season!

Anything lower than 99% accuracy is unacceptable here. John Rider, Precision Product Specialist and Matt McCann, Service Technician have been hard at work testing planter meters to ensure customers have 98+% accuracy this planting season. Anything from Kinze, Deere finger pick-up to V-Set and vacuum unit, John and Matt go through the same process for all planters. […]

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Open Houses – that’s a wrap!

The Adams Center and Binghamton Stores bring our Open Houses season to a close. For those who are asking what an Open House is, these events, (which are all a little different) are our way to show the customer we appreciate their business. In all, it provides a day dedicated  to “open” our doors for more than just business and […]

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