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Sprayer Calibration Fundamentals and Procedures

Spray Rig Preparation 

1. Thoroughly clean the spray rig. Check for signs of rust, leaks or other problems.

2. Determine the gallons needed per acre based on the recommended rate from the pesticide label, tank size, pesticide container size, and rate of pesticide application per acre.

3. Calculate a rough estimate of nozzle application rates based on the planned application speed and boom pressure.

4. Check all nozzles on the spray boom for signs of wear and nozzle size. Replace worn nozzles and nozzles of the wrong size for the desired application.

5. Half-fill the spray tank with water and go to the prepared field.

One Way to Calibrate a Sprayer

1. Measure the ground speed of the rig with the sprayer implement in place. (Average the travel time of the tractor in seconds over 300 feet in the field for two separate passes.)

2. Calculate the ground speed.

3. Measure the distance in inches between spray nozzles on the boom.

4. Calculate the desired nozzle output (ounces or gallons).

5. Catch one minute’s worth of water from one or two nozzles at the operating pressure.

6. Adjust the pump pressure or ground speed until the desired output is reached.

7. Calculate the acreage covered on one tank of spray mixture.

8. Finish filling the spray tank with pesticide and carrier (usually water). Apply about one-half tankful of spray and determine if the correct amount of acreage has been covered.

9. Continue spray application; recalibrate if the first half tankful didn’t cover the correct acreage.

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