Monroe Tractor

Is your machine
ready for winter?

Our professionally trained technicians will winterize
your snow removal equipment at your job site!

- Change engine oil and filter
- Change fuel filters
- Check and top off coolant
- Check battery, starter, alternator, wipers, heat and belts
- Travel time included

$649 - Skid Steers/CTL’s
$749 - Loader backhoes
$949 - Wheel loaders

We support all makes and models!

Protect your engine from icing up.

Prevent gelling

Diesel fuel supplement
- Prevents fuel from gelling
- Boosts Cetane for faster starts
- Protects against fuel-filter icing

After gelled

Diesel 911
- De-ices frozen fuel filters
- Re-liquifies gelled fuel
- Removes water

Freeze Ban -50

RV anti-freeze
- 1 gal. jugs or 55 gal. drums
- 100% biodegradable
- Non toxic

Monroe Tractor Names Karen Long Chief Financial Officer.

Karen brings over 20 years of financial experience in diverse industries that involved distribution and retail across multiple entities similar to Monroe Tractor. “With her previous roles and increasing responsibilities as Account Manager and Controller as well as several months of training with Mike Celentano, I am confident that the learning curve was shortened and […]

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Hydraulics Training at BOCES Batavia

Monroe Tractor Batavia and our Service Director visited BOCES Batavia for a hydraulics training session. They used an excavator simulator with the classes to allow students to practice their hydraulic control skills. The simulator taught students the ins and outs of how to use an excavator. They then used their new knowledge to compete in […]

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Thank you to our employees and customers

As we celebrate this milestone, let’s take a moment to reflect on where we’ve been and where we’re going. Monroe Tractor got its start in heavy equipment when founder Henry Hansen opened the original Henrietta Case Agriculture distributorship in 1951. In the late 50’s, Case began expanding its equipment lines with machines that were geared […]

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