Monroe Tractor

Is your machine
ready for winter?

Our professionally trained technicians will winterize
your snow removal equipment at your job site!

- Change engine oil and filter
- Change fuel filters
- Check and top off coolant
- Check battery, starter, alternator, wipers, heat and belts
- Travel time included

$649.00 - Skid Steers/CTL’s
$749.00 -Loader backhoes
$949.00 - Wheel loaders

We support all makes and models!

Protect your engine from icing up.

Prevent gelling

Diesel fuel supplement
- Prevents fuel from gelling
- Boosts Cetane for faster starts
- Protects against fuel-filter icing

After gelled

Diesel 911
- De-ices frozen fuel filters
- Re-liquifies gelled fuel
- Removes water

Freeze Ban -50

RV anti-freeze
- 1 gal. jugs or 55 gal. drums
- 100% biodegradable
- Non toxic

Section 179 Tax Savings and Bonus Depreciation 2020

Great news for 2020! Thanks to an increase in the Section 179 deduction limit you can now reduce your taxable income even more in 2020! Purchase new or used equipment and place it into service by 12/31/20* Taxpayers can deduct the full cost of equipment from their 2020 taxes up to $1,040,000, with total equipment […]

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New District Sales Managers at Monroe Tractor Hartford

At Monroe Tractor we strive to bring the best products and the best in customer service. We are excited to announce Wayne Stanley and Tony Letizio as District Sales Managers for our location in South Windsor, Connecticut. “With Wayne’s many years of local industry experience and his expertise in crushing, screening, and construction equipment sales […]

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New Team Members at Monroe Tractor Albany

At Monroe Tractor we strive to bring you not only the best products but the best in customer service. I am happy to share with you that we have done just that when we filled two open positions for a District Sales Manager and a Product Support Representative at Monroe Tractor Albany. I’d like to […]

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